it’s About RoMi

It's About RoMi City Lights

Studio 971 are proud to be the exclusive partners with Its About RoMi in the UAE. Since 1993, the designers at RoMi have been creating contemporary lighting designs, which are simplistic but create a strong interior décor statement. Taking their inspiration from the urban landscape of city life coupled with the simplicity and beauty of nature, RoMi are known for their modest yet solid designs in pure materials.
Its About RoMi lighting designs are minimal on one level but complex on another and they pride themselves on a deep design ethic by using pure materials in effective and functional manner. The creators of It’s About RoMi love simple yet prominent lighting designs and Studio 971 brings these decorative lighting solutions to our UAE clients. The materials they use are glass, iron, polyclay, fiberglass, wood and bamboo among many others.