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Mohebban Milano, exclusively represented by Studio 971 in the UAE, brings you a unique range of handmade rugs that combine innovative design and excellent quality, full of charm and personality.

Using the finest materials, selected with great care from around the world, you can experience Mohebban’s eclectic collections here.

Accentuate spaces with finely woven traditional and modern rugs

Mohebban Milano is a company that merges the traditional craftsmanship of hand weaving with new creative visions to create truly compelling designs that emphasise attention to detail and perfection. Founded in the early 1970s, Mohebban Milano products are created according to the fundamental principles of tradition, quality, design, innovation, experience, and passion. The highest quality materials are procured from all over the world, sourced from markets such as Pakistan, Turkey, India, and Nepal, to create truly unique designs.
Captivate visitors with area rugs embroidered with delicate tapestry, painstakingly handwoven to perfection. Enhance the minimalistic design of your home with a contemporary rug featuring a tasteful blend of patterns and colours.

Every rug is made purely by hand, without the use of machinery – true to the spirit of traditional artisanship. Thus, every piece is a venerable work of art, unparalleled in quality and passion.

Experience perfection up close and personal at our Dubai showroom

As the sole partner of Mohebban Milano in Dubai, Studio 971 gives you the opportunity to personally witness artistic perfection. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will gladly tour you around our different showrooms showcasing our exclusive collection of classic and modern rugs. Run your hand through finely woven creations and behold their vibrant colours and patterns.

Let us tour you through our displays and showrooms

Contact us today at +971 4 283 3333, and let us tailor a personalised tour for you.

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