About Roda


RODA proposes its own concept of Italian design in the world, with over twenty years of experience and success.

RODA, through the vision of its founder Roberto Pompa, was the first to introduce the “In & Out” concept – a new dimension of living that extends beyond the borders of the interiors of a house. Versatile and modular, RODA’s pieces not only move between the inside and outside with elegance but also match any other piece of furniture, creating environments in which every choice is the total expression of the personality of its inhabitant.

Unique, tasteful, sophisticated, and high-quality 100% outdoor furniture, RODA’s pieces are designed with the use of carefully selected materials such as solid teak, natural stone, stainless steel, and woven belts. Each revolutionary piece ensures functionality and style in every design, creating a unique and unrepeatable symbiosis with nature and achieving aesthetics that are both welcoming and well-balanced within a Mediterranean flavor.

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