Opera is an extremely refined bathroom furniture collection, inspired by the Scandinavian cabinets of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It is characterised by horizontal and vertical swing door handles, illuminated by the splendour of brass and copper finishes. The materials go beyond just wood elements, heat treated Eucalyptus or Sanded Oak with Sand lacquer, glossy or oxidised in addition to Fenix NTM® are also available. The counter tops are made from high end marble, stone, Kerlite®, Koral, Fenix NTM®, Micromalta and beautiful metals. There is an exclusively unique option to have a manufactured from solidified molten rock with precious vitrified geometric decorative elements. The sophistication of this collection is accentuated by the range of exclusive accessories including; opera towel rails, mirrors, lamps and object trays.

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